Over 45 Years Of Service To Adults With Disabilities

Founded in 1968 As A Traditional Sheltered Workshop
In 1968 the agency that would develop into Career Resources Corporation (CRC) was known as the Work Activity Center and was founded as a division of the North Essex County ARC as a traditional sheltered workshop.  Thanks to the deinstitutionalization of the 1960s, people with disabilities could live in their homes. Adults with developmental disabilities came into our facility to perform arts and crafts as well as simulated work.  Finally, individuals with disabilities had a place to go during the day to engage in meaningful activity.

An Independent Agency in 1974
CRC became an independent agency in 1974 in order to focus on the needs of indigent individuals with disabilities in Haverhill.  Over the next four decades, CRC has been true to a mission of supporting individuals with disabilities and have adjusted our programs and delivery methods to reflect the evolving needs of our clients.

Adding Residential Supports in 1994
In 1994, CRC began providing supports within residential settings.  Today, our residential division provides supportive housing for 78 people who have developmental disabilities residing in Haverhill, Amesbury and Salisbury, Massachusetts.  Some of the individuals are served in both employment and residential services.  All of the people we serve residentially have developmental disabilities.  Some reside in community residences with overnight staff, some live in apartments with more intermittent staff support, and some live with foster families.

Adding Support For Individuals With ABI in 2013
In the Spring of 2013, CRC opened a home for people with Acquired Brain Injury House (ABI) in Salisbury.  This newly constructed four-unit single family house will serve as a group home for four individuals with ABI whose incomes are below 50% of the area median income.  This new home was developed in response to the growing awareness and population of individuals with acquired brain injuries.  Due to their ABI all of the residents experience some form of physical disabilities or limitation and rely on affordable, accessible units of housing to avoid homelessness, premature or unnecessary institutionalization.

Family Support Services
Career Resources provides family support services as well.  The nature of these services varies to meet the needs of specific families, all of whom have a loved one with developmental disabilities.  In some cases, we provide representative payee services, helping families and individuals to manage their social security benefits and personal finances.  We help other families by dispersing money that can be used to purchase services or adaptive devices.