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Day Services

CRC offers customized, goal-oriented programs that promote independence and community membership. Clinical interventions such as nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, and behavioral supports are offered in combination with our daily activities- based on assessed needs. People may choose from a combination of Day Supports (CBDS, Day Hab, and Vocational), often selecting one or more services to create a meaningful program, tailored to their needs and interests.

Services are available for adults (ages 22+) who are seeking employment and life skills.  Persons with developmental disabilities and brain injuries are supported based on their individualized needs.  Day services can also be added as a supplement to employment if someone is not working full time.

Funding for Services

Funding for Day Services is provided by the Department of Disability Services (DDS) for community based day supports; Mass Health for day habilitation; and Massachusetts Rehab Commission (MRC) under the UMASS Acquired Brain Injury Waiver for a variety of individualized day supports.