Career Resources in Haverhill MA provides a safe and nuturing environment for adults with disabilities.

Day Services Programs

Community Based Day Supports (CBDS)

Our CBDS program provides a wide array of recreation and vocational opportunities for people in the community and within our training programs. CBDS activities offer a strong focus on community activities, with the goal to develop personal, social, and community membership skills. Community activities may also provide assessment, volunteer, and exploratory opportunities for those who may see paid work as a part of their future plans, in conjunction with other services.

Day Habilitation

Day Hab services offer an alternative or a supplement to paid employment. Clinical therapies (Nursing, PT, OT, Speech) are integrated into people’s daily routines. A combination of in-house and community activities are offered to ensure active and varied schedules. Activities in Day Hab focus on developing skills in the following areas:

  • Communication:  verbal/nonverbal language, expressive/receptive language development, assisted communication/technology
  • Social:  interpersonal, leisure skills, relationships, community membership
  • Fine/Gross/Sensory Motor Development: ambulation, positioning, visual, hand-eye coordination
  • Behavior and Emotional Development: emotional development, judgment, learning safe behavior
  • Activities of Daily Living:  meal preparation, housekeeping, street/community safety, travel and orientation, money management,hygiene, dressing, adaptive equipment and technology

A variety of opportunities are available for people to become involved in social, recreational and volunteer activities in local communities.  Wheelchair accessible vans and other vehicles provide individuals greater access to participate in these community activities.

Community and Recreation Activities may include:

  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Exercise and sports
  • Leisure activities
  • Exploring local and regional landmarks
  • Cultural learning (museums, fairs, etc)
  • Recreational trips to local farms, parks, beaches
  • Shopping to practice planning and purchasing skills
  • Dining at local restaurants to practice social skills