For Clients and Families: Programs Offered

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DDS Employment Program ericas-web-pictures-011

The goal of the DDS program is to spend time exploring as many job opportunities, personal interests and employment environments to determine the absolute best fit that will allow each person to be successful and as independent as possible in their role. This exploration includes, job site visits, instructional curriculum, participation in alternative vocational programs, assessment sites, and volunteer work as a pathway to employment. Each participant works 1:1 with the DDS Career Representative and has a monthly 30-day placement meeting to track progress and determine next steps. Once employment is attained, each client is supported with a job coach until their individual level of independence is attained. We pride ourselves on listening to the concerns and aspirations of each client, assisting them to grow and develop their interests, and giving them the opportunity to actively participate in their community.

For more information, contact: Angeline Pimentel, DDS Career Representative,


MRC Employment Program

The purpose of the MRC program is to impart job-related skills that will be relevant to our clients for years to come.  Through the use of 1:1 meetings and discussions, clients will learn the job-searching process from start to finish.  The MRC Career Representative and client work collaboratively to identify and evaluate jobs to ensure that they meet the client’s wants and needs.  Once a client has been placed in a position, the MRC Career Representative supports the client in their new role to help them feel more comfortable in their transition.

For more information, contact: Dan Ouellette, MRC Career Representative,


Veteran Employment Program

A customized, comprehensive program designed to work with the men and women who serve, or have served our country, regardless of era, service, and conflict to obtain a long-term and meaningful career. We help the Veteran identify their skills, experience, and knowledge and capitalize on them in order to achieve the Veteran’s personal and professional goals. By working with Veterans on a one-on-one basis, we determine what, if any, possible barriers to obtaining and maintaining employment exist, and utilize a wide-spread network of Veterans, providers, and agencies to access Federal, State and local resources and benefits to mitigate the impact they might have on their success.

For more information, contact: Adam Bonds, Veteran Career Representative,

Youth Internship Program ericas-web-pictures-012

The purpose of the youth internship program is to serve transition age youth between the ages of 16-22 who are currently enrolled in high school. Each student meets weekly in small groups to complete pre-employment training/soft skills curriculum. The Youth Career Representative and student will work collaboratively to identify their skills, interests and career goals in order to identify an appropriate internship placement. Once the student has been placed onto an internship site, the student will complete a 7-week internship working a minimum of 12 hours per week. Throughout the internship, the Youth Employment Representative will meet with the student and internship site supervisor on a weekly basis. After completion of the internship component, the student will participate in a post-internship wrap up session to discuss next steps and learn about other resources in the community.

For more information, contact: Vanessa Nuttall, Youth Career Representative,

Internship Sites Include:  ericas-web-pictures-006

  • Shoe Town Art
  • Buttonwoods Museum
  • Shadowing and partnering with local city councilmen
  • Amplifi Adaptive Music Programs for Life
  • Boys and Girls Club of Salem, NH
  • Our Neighbor’s Table of Amesbury
  • Creative Haverhill
  • HC Media
  • Whittier Rehabilitation


If you are not currently enrolled with the Department of Developmental Services or Mass Rehabilitation Commission, please check out these links below and contact your area office:

Meet the Team

Adam Bonds, Veteran Career Specialist

Mark Michel, Vocational Specialist for MRC and Youth Programs

Vanessa Nuttall, Youth Career Specialist

Dan Ouellette, MRC Career Specialist

Angeline Pimentel, DDS Career Specialist

Erica Mawby, Director of Vocational Services