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Since DC was young she has had a love of caring for animals. Her family often recalls that she frequently brought home any and every animal that needed some extra love and attention. After graduating from high school DC worked at Petco and then decided to open her own company, Lazy Dog & LittleKritters Pet Sitting in 2006. She has spent many years caring for ericas-web-pictures-013and training a variety of pets, from dogs to chinchillas to turtles.

When DC had a stroke in 2013 she had to put her business on hold. She spent nearly a year working with CRC on job searching. She was able to attain a position but unfortunately due to the physical needs and communication limitations, was not able to keep the role. Because of her stroke, she now has aphasia, which means she has trouble reading, writing, and speaking. It is a medical condition, but it does not inhibit her ability to care for and love animals. DC’s Massachusetts Rehabilitation Counselor asked if CRC would be willing to help DC grow her businesses and support her in communicating with referral sources and customers. We have thoroughly enjoyed helping DC create marketing materials, develop her company Facebook page, Yelp page, and create a brand. It has been a great opportunity to be creative and take on a new challenge.


“Working with my DDS Employment Representative has helped me to learn about myself and navigate the employment field. I got a new job this winter at Zinga. I was nervous but it has been great and I enjoy it. I feel I have learned how capable I am in the employment field. I have learned to interact with others in a social aspect at work. The Arts & skills class that I participated in was my favorite part of working with the vocational team.” -TM ericas-web-pictures-001

What can I say about working with TM? I met TM when I was just newly hired, he was shy and quiet and didn’t want to share much with me. After working together for a year, I am in awe of how much TM has grown. He is no longer shy or reserved and he genuinely expresses his concerns, aspirations, and challenges to me . We have worked on countless hours of curriculum together, I have taken him to several interviews, and shared in his progress and successes. The day TM was offered a position at Zinga, was one of my proudest professional moments. I have been able to watch him master his responsibilities at Zinga while observing the changes in his social interactions and comfort level when speaking to customers, co-workers, and supervisors.  TM is truly the embodiment of a successful placement out the community and I am proud to call him my client. I look forward to the next steps we take together in TM’s journey in discovering his career.


“Oh no! Not the opportunity clothes!” was how ES started the day of his internship interview. ES was very nervous at the idea of starting something new. His Youth Career Representative was confident that we would love his internship, at HC Media, as he already enjoyed making movies at home. After ES’s interview, he took some time and decided to attend the camera training class.ericas-web-pictures-010

Just as we thought, ES immediately jumped right into the class and then his formal internship. He has excelled, even teaching his supervisors some things about the Stop Motion program. Part of his internship was to complete an independent project throughout the summer. ES has had no problem putting in the hours needed to create something amazing. Feedback from HC Media has been that ES has gone above and beyond to become part of their organization. He is always willing to help others, introduce himself to new faces, and interacts with all staff.

Everyone from CRC and HC Media is impressed and so proud that ES was able to move past his worry, try something new, and gain an experience that has allowed him to develop skills and involve himself in a great community. ES has done so well on his internship that he will be continuing to volunteer for HC Media in his senior year.