Youth Services

At CRC, we serve youth through our Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) program.

What is Pre-ETS?
The youth internship program serves transition age youth between the ages of 16-22, who are currently enrolled in high school. The Pre-ETS team and student will work collaboratively to identify their skills, interests and career goals in order to identify an appropriate internship placement.

How can I get enrolled in the program?
The most direct referral process to MRC is to call or contact the local MRC/VR Area Office or Community Living Program. Students, family members, and school staff can begin the referral process with a phone call or a visit to the local Area Office, and then the student will be contacted by an MRC staff person. There may also be a VR Counselor assigned to the student’s high school who can assist with the referral process. It is strongly recommended that the MRC referral process begin two years prior to the student’s high school graduation or turning 22, whichever comes first.

What are the Components of the program?

Component 1: Job Exploration Counseling
• Skill & Interest assessments
• Career assessments
• Exploration of career clusters
• SMART goal training & goal board creation
• Pre-ETS plan
• Guest speakers & on-site visits

Component 2: Pre-Employment Training
• Develop soft skills through curriculum & activities: communication, teamwork & collaboration, resiliency, attitude,        independence & motivation, professionalism, and retention
• Resume, cover letter creation
• Interview training and mock interviews

Component 3: Internship
• Internship Placement
• Winter (Beginning end of Jan-Feb): Minimum of 6 hours/week for 12 weeks
• Summer (Beginning end of June-July): Minimum of 12 hours/week for 7 weeks
• Paid weekly (minimum wage of $11/hr)
• Contracts with both youth and employer of expectations and guidelines
• Internship evaluation completed by internship supervisor

Component 4: Next Steps
• Review internship evaluation
• Evaluation of Pre-ETS program
• Continued career exploration
• Post secondary education assistance
• Job searching

How We Support Those We Serve

  • A true team effort: a different staff member manages each employment program, however, we all know each other’s clients and collaborate on skill development, placements, and supporting all program participants
  • Participation from all: when facilitating specialized classes or events, we invite clients from all employment programs to participate
  • Training, job development & support: we work 1:1 or in small groups with all participants. Everyone’s needs, strengths, challenges, interests, and backgrounds are entirely different
  • Creative thinking: consistently trying new methods to help participants find success
  • Our instructional method: encourage participants to move beyond their perceived limitations and reach for success; we challenge participants to explore and help to realize the benefit of all learning experiences

                                                                                   Pre-ETS Program Feedback

“I am so pleased with the opportunity for my son to participate in the youth program at CRC. It can be a worrisome time as a parent of a differently-abled kid and having access to such awesome, supportive programs like this goes a long way to put our minds at ease about their futures and potential opportunities for them to live full lives.
Thank you!”
Parent of a Pre-ETS program participant

“The CRC internship is definitely a great opportunity for all involved. CRC staff was easy to communicate with throughout the summer internship.”
Tiffany Begin-Stearns, HC Media, Internship Supervisor

“I think this is a great program—not only for the interns, but for the organizations and companies involved. Not only do we get an extra hand to help us out, but we also get to learn so much from the interns themselves. The intern I worked with, has taught me a lot about special education, disabilities, and the institutional /social barriers faced.”
Andy Vargas, Haverhill City Council, Internship Supervisor